GKL Vehicle Leasing

Toyota Avensis T2

£276.32 pcm + VAT

Mini ClubMan 1.6

£264.11 pcm + VAT

Toyota Avensis TR

£299.02 pcm + VAT

Ford Focus Zetec

£272.24 pcm + VAT

Toyota Avensis T4

£318.98 pcm + VAT

  • Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDi
    £317.22 pcm + VAT
    (Contract Duration: 48 Months)

  • Ford Mondeo Zetec
    £318.00 pcm + VAT
    (Contract Duration: 48 Months)

  • Toyota Avensis T4
    £318.98 pcm + VAT
    (Contract Duration: 48 Months)

  • Toyota Avensis T Spirit
    £348.98 pcm + VAT
    (Contract Duration: 48 Months)

Business Car leasing

Ultimate Car Leasing is your one-stop-shop for all your business vehicle needs. We’ve got the knowledge and resources to help you build your car fleet and extend your business’ reach.

We can help you retain all the advantages of owning a car fleet with none of the drawbacks, courtesy of our great car lease deals. We have access to all the latest cars on the market, which are available for your business car lease at excellent rates. And to prove that we have our car lease UK customers’ interests at heart, Ultimate Car Leasing offers generous financing plans and flexible payment terms. These cost-effective measures are calculated to soothe the growing pains of any small to medium enterprise, and to provide them with a business car leasing solution that successfully balances price and profit.

Car leasing companies deals 

At Ultimate Car Leasing, we make every effort to get you the right car leasing companies deals. We’ve got car lease deals for every scenario, whether you need to transport small cargo, service and sales personnel, or high-powered executives. Fleet management and maintenance isn’t a problem either, because Ultimate Car Leasing can take care of it for you! That’s right, you can shift the burden of car care and maintenance on us, and we will even provide a replacement vehicle in the event of a breakdown!

Our knowledgeable staff can give you excellent advice on how to get the most out of both your new car leasing companies fleet and your budget. They will help you choose the right vehicle, judge the most suitable lease contract length, and recommend a financing plan based on your business’ situation. Read More..